This page provides references to papers which were presented at the VIMM seminar that acknowledge the Bank of Israel. Please contact us for any mistake.

19.05.2021: Elisa Rubbo – Networks, Phillips curves, and monetary policy [paper]

29.06.2021: Sydney Ludvigson – Belief distortions and macroeconomic fluctuations [doi]
American Economic Review 2022, 112(7): 2269–2315.

05.08.2021: Iván Werning – Dynamic oligopoly and price stickiness [doi]
American Economic Review 2022, 112(8): 2815–2849.

30.11.2021: Nikolai Roussanov – Getting to the core: inflation risks within and across asset classes [paper]

14.12.2021: Jean Tirole – Industrial monetary policy [paper]

28.12.2021: Cynthia Wu – Average inflation targeting: time inconsistency and intentional ambiguity [paper]
Journal of Monetary Economics

11.01.2022: Ricardo Reis – How likely is an inflation disaster? [paper]

01.02.2022: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé – Optimal bank reserve remuneration and capital control policy [paper]

15.03.2022: Jordi Galí – Monetary policy and endogenous financial crises [paper]

10.05.2022: Alp Simsek – A note on temporary supply shocks with aggregate demand inertia [doi]
American Economic Review: Insights 2023, 5(2): 241–258.

16.05.2022: Cristina Manea – Big techs and the credit channel of monetary policy [paper]

12.07.2022: Tommaso Monacelli – HBANK: Monetary policy with heterogeneous banks [paper]

06.09.2022: Francesca Bastianello – Partial equilibrium thinking, extrapolation, and bubbles [paper]

25.10.2022: Paul Fontanier – Optimal policy for behavioral financial crises [paper]

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